About Us

Building the future of your business

At Digitaltude, we ensure that our clients and their business reach their maximum potential through social media marketing campaigns and hubs. We provide insight into how you as a business owner can make the most money out of your products and/or services by connecting and building relationships with your own clients that will be built to last.

Most businesses have an online presence because of how the majority of business and transactions are done online these days, but they do not know the power that they truly hold by being online. Just having profiles on Facebook and Instagram, for example, are not enough. When you work with us, we help you to utilize your social media platforms that you have created for your business to the fullest. We can even create these profiles for you, as well!

Our Approach

Before You Sign Up

  1. Fill out our contact form or call
  2. Receive email to schedule time to talk
  3. Zero-pressure phone call
  4. You ask questions about possible social media marketing services
  5. We ask you questions about your business
  6. We both evaluate whether it’s a good fit
  7. You decide whether you want to work with us
  8. If you do, we’ll send a payment link (we use PayPal for your security & safety)

After You Sign Up – What we do behind the scenes

  1. Internal Team Meeting about the social media marketing services we’ll deliver
  2. Industry & Competitor Research
  3. Content Selection
  4. Strategy & Themes Selection
  5. Review & Edit existing Social Profiles
  6. Internal Systems On-boarding
  7. Work Commences
  8. You receive access to the client reports dashboard

Some of our International Clients

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