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Agigen Labs

Everything we can’t fit under two categories. We also do projects for events, weird tech, and some things we do just for the fun of it.

Oddset Hockey Games

The puck shooting machine

We built a Facebook app controlled puck shooting machine for Sweden Hockey Games.
Using an iPad on location the crowd got to shoot hockey pucks at a live goalie. We built the web interface, server infrastructure and the robotic engine controlling the puck-shooter.

Retro style Slack channel

Agigen Chat

The story about how a random fun idea got us world wide exposure and friends all over the world.
We love open source
Agigen @ Github
Open source is a good thing! We try to encourage our clients to release their source code, with varying success. On our page over at Github you can check out some of our code that we reuse, or have released to the public. Even this site is open source, and built using Hugo – check it out!

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